Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i hate reading

i'm a very visually oriented person.
i like colors and shapes.
and when they move, OMG.

reading tends to be very black and white.
reading tends to be limited to 48 letters and ,?!:;'".
and they don't move.

that's why i make videos, instead of keeping a diary.
my videos are inspired by the colors, shapes, and movements i see in my daily life.
my videos are fragments of MY life.

so if my life bores you, i'm sorry.
find something better to do please.
but if my life interests you, hooray!


  1. i just found your youtube...you are pretty funny...i am following you so stop by my page too..love watching your video..

  2. I totally get what you're saying!
    ... most of the time o_o' lol

    You're really cute n_n
    and its great that you share those spontaneous and funny moments of your life ;]
    *clicks follow on that youtube little shinny button*